Taste our exquisite local and international cheeses and cold cuts. We have options for vegetarians and vegans in all our starters & food menu.


Tikka Taco Garage (2 un) Diced pumpkin and roasted sweet potato, coconut mayonnaise, yogurt sauce 


Mujama tuna and fried almonds

6,5 €

Salad: Celeriac, grilled potato, spring onion, green apple

11,5 €

Bravas Brasas: baby potatoes with slow-cooked brava sauce, alioli sauce 

7,5 €

Cheese board: Rioja goat, Manchego sheep, gorgonzola

13 €

Grilled sourdough bread with tomato

3 €

Artisan sourdough bread

2 €

Starters & Food Menu from Garage Bar Madrid. Photo of some cheeses and hams with artisanal bread and bottles of natural wine. Carta de comidas. Foto de variedad de quesos y jamones de proximidad con pan artesanal y vino natural
Fotografía de un plato vegetariano y una botella de vino Canlibero. Photo of a vegetarian dish with a bottle of Canlibero wine


Closed tortilla stuffed with stracciatella, pistachios and smoked sardines

11,9 €

Veal cheek in red wine, cucumber and dried tomato sorbet

11,5 €

Steak Tartare with marrow, with pickled onion and kumquat

11 €

Vitello Tonnato, low-temperature veal round top, tuna sauce, capers, anchovies and its cooking stock

8,8 €


Smoked cheesecake with pineapple and sweet potato sorbet

6,5 €

Orange Choco. Creamy chocolate, bled orange, salt and Extra Virging Olive Oil

6 €


Cheese board

13 €